Investment Management

At First United Wealth Management, our team of experts will customize your investment approach to suit your time frames, preferred risk levels and savings strategies. Having your assets professionally managed by First United Wealth Advisors allows you the peace of mind in knowing that trained, experienced advisors are diligently working on your behalf; not only to secure your current assets and allocate current requests, but to look ahead and provide flexible investment opportunities for your evolving needs.

We look beyond the assets in your portfolio, taking into consideration your values, your goals and your vision for the future. When you sit down with our experienced professionals, we’ll take the time to understand where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go.

Managed Asset Portfolio (MAP)

One of First United Wealth Management’s most popular investment services is our versatile Managed Asset Portfolio also known as the MAP account. With a MAP account, your assets are diversified for stability in a constantly changing market. Our MAP portfolio managers have access to some of the leading money managers in the United States, allowing for calculated and targeted adjustment of portfolios each quarter, ensuring your account remains on target to achieve long-term financial goals, and a buy low/sell high philosophy. With the First United portfolio management team keeping a close eye on your portfolio, you have peace of mind knowing that we’re taking care of your investments.

For business owners, your investment strategies are a little different. To help you achieve your short and long term goals, First United Wealth Management has many different investment products and services to assist you and your employees. Some of these include:

  • Business Investment Management Account
  • Non-profit Investment Accounts
  • 401K Administration
  • Simple IRAs
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • SEP IRAs
  • Custody Services
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Additional Features and Services


INTERNET BANKING – Manage your banking anytime and from anywhere to ensure you stay on top of your accounts easily and quickly..


MOBILE DEPOSIT – Deposit checks from your smartphone and eliminate drive-time to the bank for stress-free account management.


MOBILE BANKING – Accomplish your banking needs in a matter of minutes when your bank is in the palm of your hand.


DEBIT CARD – Shop just about anywhere and the purchase gets deducted from your checking account. Leave the cash and checks at home.


FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE – Call now with you’re banking or financial challenge and we’ll prove that no obstacle is too great when you have us at your side


BRANCH LOCATIONS – You won’t have to drive too far to find us. We’re conveniently located to serve your needs.

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