Retirement Planning


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To many, retirement seems like a dream. But at First United, we know that it’s the result of hard work and careful planning. For individuals, we plan every phase of your retirement strategy so you can get the most out of your life’s work and leave a legacy for future generations.

Saving for Retirement

We’ll begin with your ideal retirement in mind, then we’ll determine how much you will need to save to make those goals a reality. Our experts will help you make adjustments to arrive at a realistic but suitable plan. Learn more in our Answers Center.

Transitioning to Retirement

When the time comes to retire, we can evaluate your various retirement income sources and reposition assets when necessary to minimize risks. We’ll do this in consideration of your everyday expenses, inflation, healthcare costs (including unexpected costs) and your retirement dreams.

Living in Retirement

In retirement, you may experience changes in priorities, unexpected expenses or other events that will call for revisiting your retirement strategy. First United Wealth Management will be with you at every turn with support and expertise.

Retirement Planning for Businesses

For business owners, we offer a range of services to ensure the long term preservation and sustainability of your business.

Retirement Plans

We can also provide retirement plans for your employees, helping them secure their future. First United Bank & Trust can assist plan sponsors as consultants or as brokers in areas like these:

  • Defined contributions, including 401(k) and 403(b)
  • Defined benefit
  • Total retirement plan outsourcing
  • Plan conversion

Custody and Escrow Services

First United Wealth Management also provides custody and escrow services for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Once legal documents have been reviewed and approved, First United can serve as custodian on many types of accounts. Our Professional Custody and Escrow Services segregate all assets from First United Bank & Trust and provide you with accurate valuations and reconciliations in all areas of custody management.

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Additional Features and Services


Business Internet Banking – Execute all sorts of banking transactions without having to leave your home or office. It’s easy and secure.


Business Mobile Banking – On the run? You can access account balances, transfer funds and even pay bills using our mobile app.


Mobile Deposit – Just snap a picture of your deposit with your smartphone, press a few buttons, and you’ve completed your banking for the day.


VISA® check card – Earn reward points without accumulating debt with the card that links to your business checking account.


Telephone Banking – Access account information, transfer funds, and even place check reorders 24-7 from the convenience of your phone.


Free Telephone Banking – Regardless of where you are or the time of day, we are just a phone call away to answer your banking needs.

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