Personal/Christmas Savings

Are you saving for a specific goal? My bank can help you get there faster!

Our Christmas Savings account makes holiday shopping a lot less stressful. Throughout the year, you make contributions from a First United checking account and your balance accrues interest. In October, the accumulated balance is transferred back into your checking account.

A Personal Savings account works similarly, but you get to pick the date that your balance is transferred back to checking.

  • Make contributions and earn interest on your balance
  • We hold your money securely until the account matures
  • No service fees, but a fee and loss of interest will apply if you withdraw before maturity
  • Requires a First United deposit account
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Security Notice – Browser Updates May Be Required To Use Online Banking Solutions

As an ongoing security and protection for your finances, First United deploys and keeps up-to-date many layers of security and encryption protocols to protect your confidential information. Many modern internet browsers support these advanced encryption techniques, however, some older browsers do not. Please note that, beginning May 21st, customers using the unsupported Microsoft Windows XP® and Windows Vista® with Internet Explorer (IE) 6 or 8, will be unable to use our digital solutions and must upgrade to a newer supported version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome™, or Mozilla Firefox® instead.

Additionally, some end customers using Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) or lower may receive a message from their browser about updating their browser security settings to TLS 1.1 or 1.2. These end customers should enable these protocols on the Advanced tab in IE via Tools > Internet Options to continue accessing digital finance solutions or upgrade to a newer supported version of Internet Explorer.

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